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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery – What crosses to your mind upon hearing the word “spine surgery”? You might easily associate it with everything that has anything to do with cutting into your body so that the surgeon treating you can perform the necessary procedure to treat your condition. Well,

Microsurgery on the Spine

Microsurgery on the spine sounds like a very delicate thing ever existed. As a matter of fact, the procedure is indeed delicate and is done to treat delicate condition happened to the spine. The prefix “micro” on the term denotes how small and tiny the incision needed to apply

Traditional Open Back Surgery

The traditional open back surgery has long been regarded the norm or the most standard procedure to treat patients with various kinds of back-related disturbances. This opinion remains the same until minimally invasive surgery is developed, which then gives the surgeons to be able to manage the damage of

Endoscopic – Arthroscopic Spine Surgery

Endoscopic spine surgery and arthroscopic spine surgery are two interrelated terms that commonly apply to surgical procedures to treat patients who suffer from several conditions on their spine. Both employ methods with emphasis on how to inflict minimal scars to the patients. Traditional surgery may give clearer view to

Laser Spine Surgery

Laser Spine Surgery – Do you often find it difficult to bear with the pain on your back regularly? Does the pain go back and forth; sometimes it is there, sometimes it is nowhere to be found? Yes, back pain is undoubtedly something that is hard to deal with.

Back Scoop Surgery

Back Scoop Surgery – Now, you who would love having the most perfect body can have a relief sigh as there is this new method to improve your look. Meet the Back Scoop Surgery. Wait; what is it again and what does it do to your back? Is it

The Types of Back Surgery

The Types of Back Surgery  - For some, disorders related to the back are the things they can just live with. They can simply withstand the massively overflowing pain derived from the disorders and sleep their way all through days. For some others, the pains may prove too overbearing

The History of Back Surgery

The History of Back Surgery – What is called the Edwin Smith papyrus is a collection of Egyptian writings dating back to circa 1550 BC, containing information regarding methods to treat injuries occurred to the back of the body. In addition to being the father of medicine, Hippocrates is

Keeping Your Back Healthy: How to Prevent Back Soreness

How to Prevent Back Problems – Along with facial lines and graying locks, back pain can often be considered 1 of the sobering symptoms of getting older. No doubt you’ve heard at minimum one person make a complaint about his or her chronic back problems, and at periods it

How Long Can It Take To Get Over Back Surgery? Recovery Times

Back Surgery Recovery Time – Back surgery will come in two major forms: classic open back surgery as well as minimally-invasive back surgery. The traditional, open up back surgery has been around lengthier as compared to the minimally-invasive selection. Open surgery consists of the surgeon generating extensive, big incisions